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Considering renting a property can be a daunting task and the Staff at ABC, working together as a highly motivated team aim to make the process of renting from us as easy as ABC.

Having an unrivalled knowledge of all local areas gives us the ability to ensure that you are matched with a property that meets your needs and being located in Ellesmere Port makes our location the perfect nucleus for the areas covered and irrespective of who you speak to when calling us you can expect any member of the team to be able to provide you with information regarding the properties we have available.

From the point of making your first enquiry to your final vacation inspection you will be supported and guided throughout, making renting your home a stress free experience.

Firstly it is imperative that we ensure that you choose the property that is right for you – both in location, size and price, this will be undertaken by ensuring that the advice you are given is straightforward, clear and informative resulting in what we hope will be a perfect property - tenant match.

All of the properties offered by ABC have video’s available for you to view, produced by our staff, therefore giving a true representation of the property.

Our tenancy agreements are set for the initial minimum period of 6 months and then roll onto a “Periodic Tenancy” which means you can give the Landlord one months’ notice on or before your rent due date after month 5 or he can give you two months’ notice after the initial term.

Many agents will insist on renewing the tenancy agreement every six months and will charge you for the privilege, but here at ABC we prefer to leave things more flexible so you can move on when it is convenient for you.

If you would prefer a longer tenancy or six monthly renewals however, we can certainly negotiate that for you.

We explain all our tenancy documents so you have complete clarity about what you’re signing for and if required we will email copies in advance which will include a full inventory, so you have time to read - check prior to signing.

Once you have signed you will be given a comprehensive tenant “Welcome Pack” with how to rent booklet, reporting a repair guide, my deposit guide and check out procedures and much more.

During your tenancy our team will ensure that any matters arising with the property are dealt with in a timely manner and at the point of your vacation the move out process proceeds without incident.

Here at ABC we are very much aware that Tenancies do not always run smoothly and you may not know how to handle a problem you are faced with, our team are available 24/7 to assist you. Should your emergency not be able to wait until we are next open please contact our emergency team as detailed below:


During out of office hours, call 0151 305 0940 and select the option detailed which will connect you to our out of hours emergency team.

We do ask that this number be used only in an emergency.

Should you smell gas: Call National Gas Emergencies on 0800 111 999

Should there be a leak: Please turn the water off at the stop cock prior to reporting.

If our team is contacted and it is deemed that the matter you have called us about is not an emergency, ABC reserve the right to recover costs for our time and for any contractors called.

Should you have a general repair: click on the icon below and you will be taken to our dedicated repair site.

Should you have an electrical emergency relating to the supply cable to your mains fuse please call 105 to report then call ABC.

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