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ABC’s Teams are trained in all aspects of Letting, Management, Sales & Auction.  Although on a day to day basis each member of staff works within a specialist area, therefore providing you, our Client with continuity of care.


As well as having over 100 years of combined experience in property Lettings & Management ABC have developed over the past decade a highly successful property ‘brokerage’ team where we have successfully sold property from Landlord to Landlord without disruption to the Tenants, giving continuity of income for the owners and security of tenancy to the Tenants. Coupled with this we are also working in partnership with Pattinson Auctions specialising in Modern Methods of Auction – mainly 30 day online auctions. To date the majority of our properties have exceeded their reserve price which is both exciting and encouraging for our Clients.

Online Auctions are also an incredibly cost effective way of selling on rented property as the only costs incurred by the Vendor are Conveyancing costs (in the case of MMOA’s Pattinson’s own Solicitors must be used).

If you would like Brett, who heads our Sales Team, to discuss potential sale options with you please do not hesitate to contact him on –


Handling all aspects of advertising from initial instruction to the submission of application paperwork and everything in between, staff handle each phone call, email, text & walk in enquiry speedily ensuring the enquiries do not ‘go cold’.

Honest feedback from viewings is imperative to landlords as this provides structured reasons as to why a property may not be letting. There are only a small number of reasons why a property does not let speedily, and this team will locate these and work with landlords to solve these problems.

Landlords please ask for: Janet or Brett


ABC differ from so many agents within this area of property letting.

All applications are processed in house by our team who having worked together for many years and have developed systems that allow close scrutiny to each and every application, thus ensuring to the best of our ability that the most appropriate tenant is sourced for your property.

This hands-on approach to the application process has proved to be incredibly successful, rather than relying on a computerised service our team is dealing directly with people. Specific details as to how this process is undertaken are available on request.

By undertaking referencing personally, the team can gather significantly more information from an application and give knowledgeable advice as to the suitability of an applicant quickly.

During the processing of an application, landlords and applicants may request updates any working day after 2pm.


Team Members: Karen & Brett


The repairs team provide a 24/7 service to landlords and tenants alike ensuring all repairs, whether emergency or planned are completed in a speedy and effective manner.

Repairs work alongside our inspections team ensuring that any outstanding works that have been either reported by tenants, or found during periodic and final inspections, are undertaken on our managed properties and where possible are completed without delay.

Our trained repairs team maintain all areas of repairs required within our portfolio and the advent of Fixflo being brought on board by ABC has given this team support to ensure the smooth running of all areas of responsibility including but not limited to:

  • Gas Safety Certificates, EICR’s & EPC’s
  • Preparing and releasing for tender all planned programmes of refurbishment
  • Full project management services

Team Members: Heather & Ebony


Over the 12 years, ABC have developed a highly successful and well-respected inspections team and these members of staff develop an intricate knowledge of your property due to the number of times they visit.

When possible, we ensure that the same member of staff undertakes all inspections / visits on your property from the outset of the Pre-Tenancy Inspection to your Final Vacation Inspection.

Some of the works undertaken by our inspections team are:

  • Pre-Tenancy Inspections: These are undertaken prior to moving a tenant in and used to isolate works that may be required. For example, ensuring fixtures & fittings are compliant, checking for damp in the property, ensuring smoke alarms work and generally finding those issues that are often missed by other agents.

  • Photographic Inventories: This must be undertaken less than a week prior to move in. On average our inspectors take around 1000 photos and double check that now the property is free of all defects and any works raised at the pre-tenancy inspection have been undertaken.

  • Periodic Inspections: It is necessary during a tenancy to ensure that inspections are undertaken and supporting photographs and reports provided to support this. Without these records of inspection during a tenancy it is possible that any claim against the deposit may not be successful.

  • Pre-Vacation Inspections: This inspection is undertaken wherever possible within 14 days of your tenants notice to vacate being received. From this inspection a report is provided to the tenant, guarantor and landlord providing a comprehensive list of works required to the property in readiness for vacation.

  • Final Inspections: Normally undertaken on the final date of the tenancy, this inspection report includes a list of any final tenant liability issues and is provided to all parties and where required will be billed to the tenant and guarantor.

  • Post Tenancy Issues – There is the potential for there to exist the requirement for a tenant to be held responsible for rent arrears or post tenancy disrepair that either may be covered by the deposit or actually exceed the value of a deposit held. Our team ensures that a viable outcome is reached as quickly as possible.

Team Members: Jane & Matt