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Case Study B

Case Study B

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‘ABC secures over 80% increase in settlement figure following house fire in rented property’

ABC are on call 24/7, 365 days a year and were alerted to a fire at a tenanted property.

Member of staff attends at 2.00am to liaise with tenants and emergency services, ensuring that the family were safe and not seriously hurt.

Alternative accommodation secured for Tenants, Landlord’s authority was on file for ABC to speak to Insurers in event of emergency. Insurers were contacted and claim lodged

Day 1: ABC team attend property when safe to do so to video and photograph damage for submission to the insurers

Day 2: Full schedule of work prepared by ABC Team

Day 9: Loss adjusters attend site to assess damage

Day 14: Schedule of work once signed off by Insurers was released for tendering (due to urgency this is a 7 day tender)

Day 15: ABC apply to the Fire Brigade to release their statement as to cause of fire

Day 17: Adjusters release their figures for refurbishment of property at an estimated cost of £25,000 and offer this in full and final settlement of claim without loss of rent cover or payment of council tax

Day 21: Tenders are received between £48,000 & £55,000 therefore clear that there will be an issue with the insurers paying the full amount of the claim. Insurers refuse to pay any more that the £25,000 estimated cost

Days 22 – 40: ABC lodge formal complaint with Landlords insurers as to the validity of Loss Adusters figures and request alternative Loss Adjusters appointed. Negotiations are undertaken, evidence provided to the Insurers and Loss Adjusters to support the quotations obtained by ABC and final settlement is secured for Client at £48,500 for repairs to property, £1,650.00 loss of rent cover and £432.00 for council tax

Day 45: Works commence to the property and the Tenant is brought in to help choose decorative colours, carpets etc. Landlord provides a gesture of £2,000 to assist Tenant in replacing items lost by the Tenants.

Day 45 – 90: ABC inspect works twice weekly and report to Insurers and Landlord as to works being completed. Work is signed off as complete on day 90.

Day 100: Tenant signs new fixed term assured shorthold tenancy, pays first months rent and moves back into her home. Landlord does not suffer any financial losses during this period, full rent paid, council tax covered and no extra uninsured expenses incurred.

Please note that thankfully no members of the family were seriously hurt and the source of the fire was found to be a faulty flat screen TV in bedroom